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Kingvty is a private high-tech enterprise established in 2010 in Longgang District, Shenzhen. The company pays attention to the corporate culture of both ability and political integrity, with good professional ethics, and excellent professionals, so that the company can continue to grow and develop, gather the wisdom of the world, and embrace all rivers. The company focuses on the research and development, purchase and sale of industrial control products, with independent intellectual property rights of electrical and electronic, digital control and sensing technology as the core, positioning and serving mid-to-high-end equipment manufacturers, and providing customers with more competitive products and services.

The company’s main products include: high, medium and low voltage inverters, servo drives, and integrated special machines. They are committed to serving the industrial automation industry, equipment manufacturing, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly new energy fields. Products are widely used in plastics, hydraulics, die-casting, pneumatics, textiles, In the woodworking, building materials, lifting, machine tools, coal mines, metallurgy and municipal machinery industries, the company's plastic machinery frequency conversion integrated machine market share is in a leading position. The Jinbaojia brand is growing at a rate of 100% year by year, and it has entered the international market while covering the national market. market.

Kingvty takes the continuous improvement of the industrial control automation level of the national equipment industry as its responsibility, continues to provide customers with "more precise, more stable, and more efficient" product solutions, continues to provide value-for-money services, continues to innovate, and leads the future. Kingvty builds itself into a leading brand in the global high-tech industrial control industry, making it a diversified and international Jinbaojia Group.
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